Two Days Off is a small line of thoughtful pieces for women who appreciate function, form, and quality materials. Everything is made to order in Los Angeles, California with a focus on sustainability. We believe that a good wardrobe should be simple, conscious, and have enough ease for everyday life.

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Core Principals

For us ease is not only about how you feel in our clothes, but is also the ease of mind that garment on your back is not at the cost of someone else’s welfare.


We source our fabrics from deadstock that would otherwise become textile waste. Using deadstock, or fabric that has already been manufactured, also means that we are not adding to exisiting textile manufacturing demand. Using deadstock fabric also means that some of our colorways and designs are in limited supply.

We place a priority on using natural fiber textiles (like linen, cotton, wool, and ethical silks) that have less of an impact on the environment when growing and manufacturing and are recyclable once the life of the garment is over. Natural fibers are more comfortable to wear and wear well over time.

We ship using minimal packaging that is reusable and recyclable.


Two Days Off pieces are ethically made to order in Los Angeles, California. We make items to order to avoid waste due to overproduction of sizes and colorways that don’t sell. This means that there is a lead time of about 4 weeks for a garment. During thats time we cut, sew and finish each garment with a close eye for detail and quality.


We believe that high-quality, well-designed clothes will be loved. And loved clothes last. Each garment is drafted considering silhouette, comfort, and longevity. We handpick textiles that will, feel good, wash well, and look good for a long time. We believe in clothing that you can love for years, that’s why durability is an utmost priority in our designs. The devil is in the details, so we like to finish our pieces with beautiful binding, french seams, and if there is space for a hidden pocket you know it will be there. 


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