Beam Necklace

Beam Necklace


A minimalist, handmade statement necklace.

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The Beam Necklace is a minimalist, handmade design. The modern and geometric beads are arranged to represent balance and simplicity. The pendant is a moderate weight, heavy enough to sit nicely on top of any outfit but light enough to not be cumbersome throughout the day. The speckled, granite-like beam sits atop a wooden sphere and two natural acai seeds I brought back with me from my travels in Peru and hangs on a white leather cord. These seeds are found throughout the Amazon Rainforest and are naturally a shiny near-black color.

The drop of the necklace is adjustable by affixing a simple knot int he cord. The maximum drop length is 17.5″ (44cm).



Store hanging or separate from other accessories to avoid tangling.


This item is made from polymer clay, wood, dried acai seeds, and leather cord.


This item measures 35″ cord with a 17.5″ drop. The hand-formed polymer bead is approximately 3″ wide.